A downloadable game

Game made for the Monster GameJam November 2014 in Brussels
(requires 4 players with 4 XBox360 controllers)

A fast paced 4 players cooperative/competitive game featuring penguins inside a giant robotic polar bear.

You have to cool down the inner engine of the polar bear so that it doesn't overheat.  To do so, you must throw ice cubes or other penguins outside of the engine arena. 
Over time, the arena lose parts and it gets harder not to fall apart.

Throwing ice cubes gains you point, falling out of the platform makes you loose points.


Simon Loyer
Jeremie Roy
Andrew Curtis
Remy Beriot

With special thanks to Julien Mizac for all the sounds

Short Gameplay Video

Short gameplay Video 2

Visualization of Git repository using Gource.


engine_room.zip 33 MB